Maximize your potential in the hospitality industry when you follow in the footsteps of someone who has been behind over 30 bars in every setting you can imagine and came out thriving through the highs and lows of hospitality

You won’t just find general business jargon here. You will experience practices that are tailored exactly to your needs, developed from years of field research. If you are a server looking to make your bartending debut, a bartender looking to upskill, or a seasoned bartender finally ready to expand your income potential, we have something for you.

Our success comes from seeing you, our client, succeeding.


In this epic course, Sájari Q provides a thorough understanding of basics while extending far and wide into concepts such as forming unbeatable relationships with customers, nailing food suggestions, and how to deal with being a minority in the industry. You will gain real applicable knowledge in weeks that otherwise takes years to acquire (the very knowledge that industry workers keep on the down-low to protect their high-paying jobs). 

You will get tactical service tips, sommelier basics as well as the nitty-gritty politics and the honest truth of what it’s really like to be in the industry. You will have the confidence to go for high-end jobs making $100+ an hour and the ability to work freelance gigs at elite events. 


The restaurant you work at trained you on their menu, prepping and closing routines, and the basic streamlines. But when it comes to elevating your skillset in order to make the most amount of money, the 5-star-finesse you need is not something they help you build. 

That’s why I’ve created this container for tipped employees who want to increase their income by +30%. Being an industry worker doesn’t mean your income is ‘luck of the draw’. In fact, there are real actions you can take that are statistically proven to improve your take-home. 


For example, keeping your table comfortable and entertained for 80 minutes vs. 60 increases your tip on average by $34.

In this virtual group coaching program, I help passionate mixologists and bartenders and cultivate the refined skills, industry knowledge, and genuine connectivity required to be the highest-paid employee.


  • A renewed feeling of passion for hospitality.
  • That alluring 5-Star-Finesse.
  • Authentic confidence translates into everything you do. 
  • A tip increase of 15%-35%.
  • Deeper understandings of culinary and beverage flavor pairings.
  • Heightened professionalism that encourages better tips and positive attention

Become a more prestigious and well-respected bartender. Stand out in the cut-throat hospitality industry. 

Bartenders can make the same income as high-paid directors that are leaders in today’s corporate world. I know, because I’ve done it. 

This virtual coaching program is for hospitality lovers that want to accelerate their career paths… no more skating by. 

We look at all past experiences, obliterate blindspots, and create a framework that highlights your unique strengths. We’ll discuss ways to demand more respect within your establishment, and how to make connections with other popular restaurants in your city. 

You’ll not only have a refined sense of culinary and beverage flavor combinations, but also your unique style and flavor. 

These immersive sessions are for people who are eager to self-reflect, improve their skills, and take their hospitality job from a temporary gig to a full-time, six-figure career. 


  • The feeling of being a certified professional (no more imposter syndrome). 
  • Pride & confidence seeping out of you. 
  • Newfound respect in the workplace. 
  • Ability to connect with customers with ease. 
  • Tangible ways to increase income. 
  • Have a solid grip on your strengths, style, and taste that influences how you carry yourself in every hospitality setting.



This beginner level is for the folks who are obsessed with creating seasonal cocktails at home and feel proud of their bar carts and liquor collections. The people who have often heard, “you would be such a good bartender”, and how easily they relate to strangers.

Together, we’ll cover the basics of mixology and flavor pairings, whilst also identifying your own personal taste. You’ll get access to over a decade of insider industry knowledge, and learn how to apply for higher-end establishments where your skills will be valued.

Trust me, you don’t have to enter hospitality low on the totem pole.

Start your exciting new career on the right foot.


You make a mean Martini and know the industry hustle, but recently you’ve realized that hospitality offers many fulfilling exciting career paths. 

We’ll discuss how to turn a job into a career, how to foster respect from your co-workers, managers, and customers. How to take a leadership position in mixology creation and create a signature style that people can’t forget. 

You’ll earn better tips, land more prestigious jobs, and build a professional reputation that is sought after. 

Time to level up.


You kick-ass behind the bar, have frequent customers you see as friends, and are highly respected in your restaurant/bar. Your coworkers see you as a leader, and you love your job. 

But now, you’re wondering, “what’s next?”. Many bartenders encounter this false glass ceiling when they get to this point in their career. You need new goals to strive towards, and new ways to improve your skills because that’s who you are – a hustler. 

This coaching is focused on how to elevate your already developed career. We walk through establishing your hospitality brand, private bartending practices, and taking on creative pursuits outside of the typical hospitality setting. 

What’s your next move?