Sájari is a visionary leader in diversity and culture with years of experience as a captivating and charismatic public speaker. Her mission is to educate and bring our society together. She has been instrumental in her community by facilitating difficult conversations on race relations and educating children and adults alike on the current state of inequality in America. She is also an expert on the service industry and hospitality, offering valuable insight into how to operate businesses in this field in an effective and profitable way. 

From radio shows to podcasts, events, conferences, school programs, and company courses, Sájari offers her speaking services to you for the benefit of your organization and community.

Sájari’s public speaking prowess spans a large range of topics:


Organizations that nourish a diverse workplace not only help progress our society; they become more profitable in the process. Sájari speaks on the hows and whys of creating a diverse and positive work environment that is inclusive to all races and cultures. 

Success in the service and hospitality industry is largely dependent on how your business is perceived. Making a culture of excellent customer service practices is an excellent method to greater monetization of your business.


Racism is an issue rooted in the core of American culture, and it doesn’t get repaired overnight. Centuries of systemic racism have caused irreparable damage to communities of color, and still, today threatens the safety and opportunities allowed to people of color. Amplifying the voices of women and people of color is a powerful way to start difficult conversations that open minds and change the antiquated beliefs of our society.

The painful legacy of racial injustice is a truth all Americans must come to terms with. Hosting difficult conversations today can create a more just and equal future for tomorrow.

Life is not meant to be easy. We are defined by how we navigate the difficult aspects of this experience. Sájari is an expert at conflict resolution and having difficult conversations.


Children are born into our world not knowing a thing about racism or history. Speaking to this next generation of children about difficult topics like racism, racial justice, diversity, and inequality is vital to moving our world towards equality and justice.


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