The day to day running of the business can become monotonous, negative habits creep in or you become blind to the details needed for birthing the bigger picture. Sájari Q takes a look from the outside and uncovers strengths and weaknesses that you can use to your advantage.
If you are a business owner who is interested in taking your business to new heights, these services are the solution to the problems you may not be aware you have.


Training Program Refinement: Tailored training to boost all aspects of your business.

SOP Auditing: Uncover ways to enhance productivity, cash flow and staff morale.

Revit Design Services: Custom-designed spaces that nurture user & staff experiences

Menu & Pricing Restructuring: Increase revenue through current trends & your clientele’s taste buds

Upsell Training Manual Development: Increase ROI by utilizing the skill set of your employees through education and training.

Location Scouting & Research: We discover the perfect location for your events, business expansion or staff retreats.

Secret Shopper Audit: Can you be confident that your employees are representing your business to the best of their ability when you aren’t around? Does the environment welcome clientele from all walks of life and invite them to come back? This audit will highlight where your business is shining as well as where it may be dim.


Being an employee provides you with the advantage of being able to see where improvements can be made in both your employers premises, and your own personal growth.
Through tailored training programs, you will become a vital part of your employers success and will be able to take your new found skills to the next level.


Ultimate Bartenders Course Start to Finish – Everything you need to know about being a successful bartender in any setting or location.


Racial/Social Justice Speaker: Curated Social Justice led discussions that empower your audience to be able to recognize and take appropriate action.

Virtual Customized Module Topic Seminar: Tailored discussions on a social justice topic specific to your industry & needs of your participants

Virtual Customized Module Training Series: Tailored discussions & virtual-style workshops for the benefit of your audience, organization, & industry

Virtual/In Person Hybrid customized module workshops: A series of tailored social justice discussions & workshops that is paired with participant engagement. The workshops are designed to encourage business and industry growth while developing personal growth in tandem.

Diversification Program Building for hiring practices & employee relations: Promote healthier and more inclusive workplaces through measurement, training, & accountability.

Corporate Strategist for Diversity & Inclusion programming: Education designed to encourage personal growth among employees whilst boosting equality and inclusivity within the workplace long term.


Luxe, Vintage or Unique?

Find out if your design style is leading the crowd or getting lost in the dust of progress that other hotels, restaurants and bars have experienced after redesigning their business.

Through strategy and personal development, you can learn about how the environment in which you host your client base can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Is your workplace needing a facelift? Take the quiz and find out now!


There’s truly nothing worse than having to ask a customer how to make their own cocktail.

That’s why every bartender, no matter what status of experience and dining, uses cheat sheets behind the bar.

Especially bartenders at fine-dining restaurants because high-end clients particularly enjoy ordering the most complex cocktails with their fancy names and lingo.

Sájari Q’s specialized Cheat Guides will save you in any instance, and best of all- she’ll teach you how to use them without anyone suspecting they’re there.