Sájari Simmons is a multidimensional creator, entrepreneur, and activist who aims to provide a foundational skill set—bartending knowledge, customer service, business acumen, organization and time-management to those in the hospitality industry.

Sájari has assumed a leading role in her community during the BLM Anti-Racism movement of 2020 and continues to incorporate diversity and inclusion in her training courses for busy corporations and their employees.

Sájari Q started decades ago, or at least that is when she initially had the dream. Over the years many adventures have led us here….to this website!
Sájari Q is an unorthodox company that prides itself on proven strategies backed by experience, first hand knowledge and education.

We promise to keep it exclusive and fresh so that you, our customer, always feels unique. Avoiding mediocrity is the goal of Sájari Q.


Visionary, legend, brand owner, hotelier, restauranteur or bar owner with a big message to share.


Multi-passionate, multi-faceted artist, designer, health concious advocate, and unlikely underdog turned businesswoman.


We grow your business/brand, we help you take flight and curate success, and we thoughtfully design events, create community, grand experiences and impact the world!

You have come here because you are seeking something different, a way to express yourself in life,business, and even adventure/travel without holding back.

You’re looking for a guide to navigate the field of your dreams, a journey on a road less taken – one that will culminate in connecting your purpose and vision with your goals in life and business.

You’re not looking for empty answers, not looking for advice from blogs and business/lifestyle sites filled with senseless materialism, and you’re definitely not wanting shallow connections with perfectly staged lives.

You want to dig through the coal to discover the real truth and learn who’s behinds the lens. It’s about more than portraying perfection while oozing emptiness.

You won’t find the things that you DON’T want here.

The truth is that you’ve tried following the cookie-cutter formulas for success. You have attempted to display a version of yourself that perfectly complements those trending flat-lays on Instagram. (You know the ones right?)

And you’ve tried to express yourself, wholly, without limits, and without pretenses – but you haven’t yet found a person/mentor/guide/service-provider/partner who can help you tune in or tap into your voice.

That’s where I come in!

Whether you’re interested in TRAVEL and LIFESTYLE, EVENTS + STYLE or, DESIGN meets BUSINESS GROWTH, you’ve come to the right place and I understand most, if not all of your struggles in this journey called life (and business).

I hail from Chicago and as a home-school mom, entrepreneur and artist, I’ve been through the ringer in terms of life experiences and challenges. One of my biggest challenges as I’ve grown my brand is my awareness that I cannot “come up” alone. For that reason, I have regularly supported my family and the wider community that may be less fortunate or less connected than me as I work to achieve my dreams.

My goal is to make social justice, racial justice and economic equality personal and scalable so that I can see others shift poverty consciousness and generate positive mindset shifts in order to access possibilities and opportunities that seem out of reach for them.

But my mission is bigger than that. I can only do so much by touching those in my community. My biggest mission is to go beyond my immediate sphere of influence and help others (like you, or someone across the other side of the world) hold onto their dreams while navigating the field by growing a thriving business. Feeding your wanderlust and traveling the world or hosting epic events – all while holding onto your dreams and expressing yourself fully.

I am here to encourage you to hold onto your dreams – even if so-called experts tell you that you CAN’T or Should NOT hold onto your multiple passions or as they may tell you that your dreams are impossible.

Trust me – you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to, especially if you partner with someone who has already created much of what you desire (yours truly).

So, are you ready to say YES to your goals and dreams? And, are you looking for a guide/mentor/service-provider or coach to help you?

Imagine yourself 6 months or a year from now as your business has grown, you’ve found a way to incorporate travel and wellness into your life, and you have a sense of purpose and fulfillment that allows you to show all parts of yourself.

If you continue to say no to yourself and your dreams, you will be much like I was… I let time pass me by for years while I was paralyzed with fear and obsessed with perfection. Can you relate?