Maximize your potential in the hospitality industry when you follow in the footsteps of someone who has seen businesses flourish through the highs and lows of hospitality.

You won’t just find general business jargon here. You will experience practices that are tailored exactly to your needs. If you are a decision maker looking to up skill, a manager wanting to foster a healthy workplace or even a CEO wanting to  increase efficiency and ROI, we have something for you.

Our success comes from seeing you, our client, succeeding.


Get the best bang for your buck with this virtual group coaching program that will take your bartenders from pouring bland drinks to hand-crafting artisan beverages! Your training group with a minimum of four students will focus on the physicality of bartending which exudes style and elegance.

With individual time allotted to focus on each student, we will work to improve certain weaknesses and accentuate their unique strengths. You’ll walk away from a training period with a work of well-rounded Mixologists whose skills have been tweaked to perfection. 

Sájari Q coaches and pulls wisdom from over 14 years in the industry, sharing her invaluable know-how on everything bar-related. This program will engrain a true passion for 5-star customer service & cocktail craftsmanship in your staff-and that’s how we turn employees into dedicated team players which in turn creates a healthier work environment, a better customer experience, a growing customer retention rate and an increase in profits, not to mention the 5 Star reviews that will follow!

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What makes a guest want to spend their time & money, time and time again, at your bar? The feeling that they are experiencing something unique and special.

And what insinuates this experience? A deep consideration for detail. That means experts meditating on the perfect meal pairings, pulling local flavors from the landscape so your establishment becomes a staple in your culture-rich community. It means putting in so much thought about the characteristics of your menu that guests experience seamless magic when they come to your place.

Sájari Q is that expert who wants to work hand-in-hand with you to cultivate the richest, most unique menu possible for your bar. That’s what keeps guests coming back for more!


If you can recognise that there are aspects of your business that could use refinement, you are in the best position to begin making changes.

Our tailored training programs are designed to boost all aspects of your business so that you can run efficiently, increase profit and enhance consumer experience.

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Your staff are the face of your business. Your ROI, reputation and client base heavily relies on them being trained to utilize their skills and training within the workplace so that those investing their money in your products and services are left with lasting positive memories.

With a customized upsell training manual that promotes authentic customer-staff relationships the upselling of your offerings become standard practice. As an owner you can ensure that all employees are goal focused and able to enhance the customer experience. 

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The design, layout and functionality of your premises is an integral factor to enhancing the user experience so what happens when your staff are feeling underwhelmed? Their customer service is also impacted.

Have you ever considered height of your staff and the placement of the tools needed in relation to this? Often the customer experience rules but what about the ergonomics that can increase the efficiency of your staff?

Productivity and efficiency is greatly improved when the atmosphere is ergonomically customizable & promotes safety. So how do you achieve a healthier positive working environment?

Enquire today about the Revit Design Service that aims to create custom spaces that inspire your staff and clientele to feel great about being a participant in what you have to offer.


A healthy business is one that can look to the future and see potential for growth.

If you are struggling to see your business vision actualized, a SOP audit could be the answer.

We will dig deep and look at how you are currently managing cash flow, employment issues, training, diversity and staff morale.

After identifying these key areas, you will be armed with the tools required to move forward in your hospitality business.

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Location is everything when it comes to your establishment and supporting events. How about staff incentive trips and your personal getaways as an owner? Sájari Q can help source the perfect new premise or appropriate location for your business needs.

The finer details such as travel requirements, accommodations, and workshop activities can even be managed as a one stop shop. 

Get your imagination and travel wish list ready and let us do the rest!


What does your customer base see when they walk on site? Are they impressed with how they were greeted, is the atmosphere welcoming and were they delivered the best customer service possible?

Often, when the staff are expecting to be met with an assessment, their behavior changes and they don’t present their authentic self.

With a secret shopper audit in place, you are made aware of where your business strengths and weaknesses lie,  knowing that this is how you are seen by patrons.

Organize a secret shopper audit for your premises and uncover ways to improve your over business practices.