This 8-12 Week Course will elevate your bartending skills to the highest standards in the industry while giving you the confidence to bring your own personal charm to your craft- that’s what sets you apart!

Relationships are a large and important aspect in the hospitality industry.

You’ll learn how to build connections to other bartenders in your wider community, enliven the co-working relationships within your restaurants, and how to encourage your team to be passionate about their work.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to cultivate strong bonds with your customer base to help you gain traction as a key player in your environment.

Sájari is an expert at utilizing customer connections to your benefit and keeping those ties confidential so that you keep your competitive advantage.

An Intro to the World of Sommeliers.

There’s a reason Sommeliers are highly revered- because high-end guests enjoy learning about the quality and origin of the wine they’re drinking.

This course will give you the basics of the wine-world so you can hold your own in conversations, and recommend the most desirable wines that pair with your customer’s food and flavor preferences.


The basics will be presented in a succinct yet thorough manner.

This course was created for hospitality workers who have a general understanding but desire to elevate their skills to a professional and exciting level.

Dealing with being a Minority.

While minorities usually experience disadvantages in the hospitality industry, Sijari became an expert at using her uniqueness to her professional advantage.

With over a decade of experiences to pull from, you will be presented with a large inventory of obstacles minorities potentially face and how to best overcome them.


People like to drink, but they also love to eat. Five star servers have a deep knowledge of their own menu as well as a knowledge of ingredients and seasonal trends. Being a bartender, you have to have that, and then some. With such a deep understanding of ingredients, food flavors and how they blend together, you must also bring the best corresponding cocktail and drink options. Think experience and essence over fragmented pieces. High paying customers enjoy being guided through a culinary experience even if they’re sitting at the bar. The best bartenders know how to offer the most luxurious suggestions and take their guests on a journey through courses, all the way to a Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and carefully selected Cherry wine!

The Nitty Gritty.

If you’ve worked at any moderately successful restaurant or hotel, you’ve likely experienced the darker aspect of it.

There are politics in every establishment. Power structures, ways of relating to coworkers and management, and complicated systems in place. To a newcomer, these aspects are probably frustrating and confusing.

They take years to understand and integrate, but Sájari Q will teach you in just 8 weeks how to use these often nonsensical dynamics to your absolute advantage. How to play ball and be respected while doing it.


There are tactical ways to increase your income from upselling to the language you use with customers. Make $100 an hour or more!

Find out how to promote yourself and apply for freelancing bartending gigs.

Create your own cocktail portfolio and learn where to seek those opportunities.

This course is meant to give you the confidence and professionalism that will make you a name in your community for being the most epic bartender around. Customers will sing your praises, word of mouth marketing will set fire to your community and the rest of your coworkers will have you to thank!