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From small business trips to larger, corporate team events, we’ll handle all the details and give you the dedicated support you need to travel from A to B.

Need to travel to a conference? We have you covered.

Need to seal the deal in person? Not a problem!

Want to treat the team to a Wine Tasting Tour in Italy? We do that too!

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Travel Savings

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Become A Travel Agent

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Location Scouting

Finding a venue or location for your event can be a costly experience when you are limited on time and budget.

Having intel “On the ground” eliminates the hassle and gets you deals that only those in the know can get. 

Our services include but are not limited to


Venue Hire

Event Management

Event Design


Secure your reservation today with a non-refundable planning, strategy, & research deposit. (This deposit is allocated towards your final invoice when booked with Sájari Q)

During your reservation period you will need to provide all relevant info in order for your personalized business quote and strategy plan to be established.

Sájari Q Location Scouting and Travel Design Services – taking the stress out of your business MOVES!

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