Sájari’s creative perspective and direction on my brand’s goal helped me achieve so much for my business. Her ability to successfully create an aesthetically pleasing almost exact cut copy of what I could have ever dreamed of for my packaging, font and colors is magical! Couldn’t have asked for anything better!


Objectives for client have been stated as follows:

“Streamline my output of activity via social media; grow my mailing list; increase my reach via social media sites; gain attendees for workshops; get clarity with my purpose, business platform, and niche; design a logo and create a consistent color/visual package for my brand (or me).”

When asked if objectives were met client responded:
Sájari Q covered all of these areas and more. Along the way, I switched my focus and needs and the team always made sure to revisit the old as well as the new objectives.


Dig Deep In This Masterclass

Regardless of whether you are a Professional Coach, Influencer or a Budding Entrepreneur with big plans of managing a successful business, we all need to actively readjust our positioning and create new avenues of income.

Many of our clients strike one or more of these issues at some stage of their professional journey:

  • Knowing their potential but methods/strategies aren’t converting to paying clients 
  • Have one of a kind, amazing services or products with deep missions but are without a way to reach the people longing for help in your areas of expertise
  • Inconsistent wins that lead to hesitant business moves where doubt and worry creeps in….
  • Inability to keep their tribe focused long enough for them to engage and discover that they are just what they were looking for. 

The methods within this masterclass will not only enlighten you with many “A-ha” moments but it will give you actionable steps towards achieving your business dreams and more.

Imagine a timeless masterclass that provides tools to uplevel at different stages of growth so you can revisit this material often. 

We think the ideal favorite clients are a dream far off but with these strategies those high profile clients are closer than we think. 

Get your hands on this once in a life time opportunity now!


Sájari Q is a Creative Designer and Brand Strategist who helps coaches & entrepreneurs attract high profile clients through luxury multidimensional brand development.