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Laurie Chavannes

Very professional and prompt delivery

Iu2019m super late, but shout to my girl Sajari! She created this fragrance body oil that smells fresh, crisp and calming. I wear it almost every day! Very professional and prompt delivery with beautiful packaging. Check it out!

Karla Auldridge

Absolutely love this scent!

Absolutely love this scent! A little goes a long way and lasts for hoursud83dudc9cud83dudc9c


Great warm weather fragrance

After some time really testing this fragrance out, Iu2019ve come to find that itu2019s long lasting & a sweet floral on my skin. Great warm weather fragrance in my opinion.


I liked it.

I liked it. It was clean and had a powdery soapy vibe to it. I use it as a base layer to my fresher frags as it adds a nice change of pace. Lasts a pretty good while too. Nice job. Thanks again


Its fresh and sexy at the same time.

My husband gave me a little bottle of sweat by Q to try out so i gave it a shot. I definitely liked the way it smelled when i opened the bottle. Its fresh and sexy at the same time. Im not great at describing scents but to me i smelled some floral and musk and a slight bit if incense and powder. It was soft but had a definite presence and it wasnu2019t over powering. My husband liked the way it smelled and hours into my work day i could still smell it. I was happy with it and will continue wearing itud83dudc4d

Leah Clementoni

Smells amazing!

Smells amazing!

Brittany Lynch

The scent is so clean, fresh, even aquatic.

The scent is so clean, fresh, even aquatic. On first sniff I got beautiful white florals, geranium in particular I believe. Sweat has some tricks up its sleeve. About 30 minutes in I started to catch notes of eucalyptus that worked beautifully with the white florals, and after about 2 hours I smelled less eucalyptus and something more green and fresh, along with something lightly powdery (Iris, is that you?!). Thereu2019s also something aquatic about this scent that conjures images of fresh, sweet water. Itu2019s giving me u201cbotanical gardens by a stream.u201d This is beautiful, clean, easy to wear. My husband really liked it on me, and I think it would be totally wearable for him as well. This is a fragrance that purports to smell unique on each person who wears it, so I canu2019t wait for him to give it a try!

Sharice Black


Warm and orange for the opening. I used it when I worked my part time job. Even though I donu2019t get sweaty, itu2019s a different environment and I like to smell nice without overpowering fragrances. I did notice that a little goes a long way so use sparingly. It does last. To me it is more of a masculine vibe, but I layer with coconut oil for a lighter scent. Nice

Bill Grayson

Performance is good

Never having used a fragrance oil or rollerball I wasnu2019t sure what to expect and with a scent name of u201cSWEATu201d as well! That said I have given this a few full wearings and do really enjoy it. First of all the scent is fresh and pleasant, itu2019s slightly warm, aromatic and totally unisex. I notice the scent changes with a little time on my skin. Performance is good, it creates a bubble of fragrance around me and lasts all day. My mind pictures serene fields of lavender, a fast moving brook and wide open space. The applicator is high quality and works very well, a 5ml bottle would last for very many wearings as I havenu2019t even put a dent in it yet!

Nisha Stringer

This is by far the best fragrance that I own!

This is by far the best fragrance that I own!I love it! Everytime I put it on I get compliments on how clean and fresh it smells! I am a sweaty person naturally lol but with this fragrance I donu2019t have to worry about it! I suggest everyone try it because you wonu2019t regret it!

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