Dear visionary, restaurateur, bar owner or hotelier,  have you been searching high and low for custom solutions for your travel, business strategy, and event needs?

Do you feel disjointed each time you need to plan an event or get clear on your visual

Is this lack of clarity impacting how you show up as a business owner resulting in you hiding out rather than standing in your power to share your offers and make sales?
If so then you’re in the right place! We are Travel, Event, and Interior Space strategists with creative solutions for your unique business needs.
You’re not the average person with  average dreams, hopes, and goals.

You’re in the perfect place if you look up your zodiac before making decisions, if you thrive in environments where you’re able to tap into all your senses, and if you’ve taken the road less traveled to arrive where you are today.
So tell us, do you desire to tie your spirituality, your interests, and your business goals together to create magical experiences for your soul clients?

This service is an exclusive opportunity to create a business strategy that meets your needs and covers a range of custom tailored services such as travel and event location, planning and implementation right through to graphic design and social media presence.

This opportunity is only suitable for the V.I.P so apply today!

Here’s how we can help you.


Your brand is a valuable assert and if it isn’t performing, your business will suffer.

Through a revamp of your graphics, social media strategy and presence in the marketing world, your business will grow beyond heights you could only dream of!

Stop dreaming though, because with Sajari Q, it can become reality!

Sajari Q covered all of the requested areas and more. Along the way, I switched my focus and needs and the team always made sure to revisit the old as well as the new objectives.



Location, Location, Location!

Whether you are needing a holiday or are travelling on business, Sajari Q can custom create a comprehensive travel itinerary that ensures your travel needs are met.

Travel in Style with Sajari Q!

My meeting with Sajari was packed with creative marketing ideas from start to finish. She really helped me take a different look at who I was targeting with a new part of my business and come up with a list of the most direct steps and offers to make it happen. I was way over complicating it! We broke it down on the spot with simplicity, laughs & love.


Event Planning and Design

Sajari Q takes the stress out of planning a event, especially when you are not familiar with the location or resources available.

Bring your brand to life with a custom designed conference, celebration or wedding, completely planned and managed by your personal event manager!

No event too big or small!

Sajari has a keen eye for creating graphics.
We gave her an outline of the vibe we wanted the graphic to include and she nailed it.
It’s one of my favorite graphics.

Creative Spaces

The environment in which we spend our time in can affect productivity, efficiency and is a vehicle for the story we are trying to portray.

Rejuvenate your space with custom decor and features.

Live a life of luxury or simplicity with Sajari Q

Sajari has a keen eye for creating graphics.
We gave her an outline of the vibe we wanted the graphic to include and she nailed it.
It’s one of my favorite graphics.

Apply for this exclusive service here…

A $97 processing fee is required for each application.