This smells heavenly.

Wearing it tonight for the first time and lemme tell you, this smells heavenly. The oil mixes with your pheromones to give each person their own unique scent. On me, this smells fresh, clean, and musky. Loving it so much. Thanks again. Don’t forget to check out her...

It’s dope.

It’s dope. Will become part of my rotation. Thank you!!! I put it on four hours ago and it is still rocking strong.

This stuff is amazing.

This stuff is amazing. It’s called Sweat but it’s sweet and musky on my skin. It’s not overpowering at all and I can wear it all day.

Such an amazing long lasting scent.

Such an amazing long lasting scent. I love the fact that it’s unisex but smells totally different on myself & my husband. I enjoy being able to smell the scent all day because usually my perfumes fade away over time. It also pairs well with a few of my fave...

Thank You!

I personally sweat a lot under my arms and I was very self-conscious about this. But after using Sweat oils I feel confident about my own sweat because it enhances my scent even better when I do sweat! Thank you!