It’s time we tell our own stories.

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March 18, 2024

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“Our Stories Belong in History” is a groundbreaking anthology that brings together the voices of three generations of Black and Latina U.S. women executive leaders to share their empowering untold stories of overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve and sustain success in a nation still grappling with systemic racism.

The book offers readers an intimate and inspiring portrayal of both the struggles and triumphs of women leaders of color in corporate environments, including proven leadership and entrepreneurship strategies that can serve as a vital resource for every woman aged 18 or older. From navigating the vicious cycle of work burnout to finding balance, liberation, fulfillment and true purpose, these stories resonate deeply with women from all walks of life–underscoring the boundless potential of women to be change agents, community pillars, and firsts.
Every woman deserves to hear these stories, share these stories, and feel empowered to stay the course, remembering how powerful women are, especially when we stand together, because the power of our oneness is undeniable.


Sajari Q is a multifaceted creator, entrepreneur and activist who has erected businesses and movements from what she knows best.

After over a decade in hospitality, an industry where many bartenders and servers see little upward mobility, Sajari cultivated her knowledge of customer service and turned it into a business.

Her tenacity to take her life experiences and turn them into fulfilling, fruitful businesses is what also makes her the perfect person to guide other hospitality workers and establishments into their own upleveling.

She has since been working with hotels, restaurants, and bars to train and perfect their systems and offerings through design, strategy, and coaching. Sajari has experienced tremendous success with her clients, skyrocketing profit margins and creating a better employee experience within companies.

Since 2020, Sajari has taken yet another life experience and turned it into a profitable business model that carries the Black Lives Matter movement within her region. Amidst the BLM protests and outcries across America, Sajari led Roaring Fork Show Up which hosts community awareness demonstrations, philanthropic events, and innovative city installations.

At protests and BLM events, Sajari identified her community’s needs for further education, so she got to work!

Sajari Q developed an Anti-Racism Course in mid-September of 2020 to help White Allies continue their learning. This training model is intended for individuals and large corporations who want to provide anti-racism education for their employees. A huge part of our work as Americans is to create fair and safe work opportunities for people of colour, which is why it is the perfect work-environment tool.

Sajari Q’s business philosophy is – to take what you are already an expert at and turn it into a 7-figure business. Her own life and career is a testament to this and allows her to guide her clients through their own empowering career choices.

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