Mini Mocktail Mixologist Youth Program

What is involved?

  • Chef taught pastry lessons for high-end garnishes
  • Gardening and real-time use of ingredients
  • Leadership/Management training and responsibilities for older youth
  • The Art of mixing and batching
  • Event planning skills
  • Business planning in the real world
  • Emphasis on creative thinking and building
  • Goal attainment practices

Location: Glenwood Springs – Venue to be confirmed

Ages: 7-17  Groups will be created based on the age of the participants

Cost: $37.00 per day + $75 for the Drink Stand Festival, or $750 for the full program

Dates:  Jun 24-28, 30, July 1,2, 8-12, 14-19, 21-26 and the Drink Stand Festival will be held on the 4th of August. You can book on a casual basis, or the complete program.

Times: 9am-230pm Tuesdays and Sundays, 9am-430pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday. Times can be flexible to accommodate. Please let us know if your child will be early or late.

Drink Stand Festival

To be a participant at the Drink Stand Festival, only those who have attended a minimum of 15 days of the program will be eligible to present and sell their signature creation at the Drink Stand Festival.

Kids participating in the Drink Stand Festival will keep their earnings.

Stirring Creativity and Fun – A Summer Adventure for Young Mixologists!

To book at casual rates, please contact Sájari via email [email protected]