Maximize your potential in the hospitality industry when you follow in the footsteps of someone who has made mistakes and come out thriving through the highs and lows of hospitality.

You won’t just find general business jargon here. You will experience practices that are tailored exactly to your needs. If you are a bartender looking to up skill, a manager wanting to foster a healthy workplace or even a CEO wanting to  increase efficiency and ROI, we have something for you. 

Our success comes from seeing you, our client, succeeding.


In this epic course, Sájari Q provides a thorough understanding of basics while extending far and wide into concepts such as forming unbeatable relationships with customers, nailing food suggestions, and how to deal with being a minority in the industry. You will gain real applicable knowledge in weeks that otherwise takes years to acquire (the very knowledge that industry workers keep on the down-low to protect their high-paying jobs). 

You will get tactical service tips, sommelier basics as well as the nitty-gritty politics and the honest truth of what it’s really like to be in the industry. You will have the confidence to go for high-end jobs making $100+ an hour and the ability to work freelance gigs at elite events. 

Deep dive into all things bartending. Understand staff dynamics, upselling, and adding that extra umph to your Mixology game.  Ultimately, Sájari Q teaches you how to make a name for yourself bartending. Be the bartender customers return for. The one who earns the highest respect of their inner-industry peers and also becomes best buddies with the customers.

A memorable bartender who outperforms and cultivates rapport with high-end guests has more potential than anyone in the room. You only have to build the confidence to get there- this course will help you build that. 


Get the best bang for your buck with this virtual group coaching program that will take your bartenders from pouring bland drinks to hand-crafting artisan beverages! Your training group with up to five students will focus on the physicality of bartending which exudes style and elegance. 

With individual time allotted to focus on each student, we will work to improve certain weaknesses and accentuate their unique strengths. You’ll walk away from a training period with a work of well-rounded Mixologists whose skills have been tweaked to perfection. 

Sájari Q coaches and pulls wisdom from over a decade in the industry, sharing her invaluable know-how on everything bar-related. This program will ingrain a true passion for cocktail craftsmanship in your staff- and that’s how we turn employees into dedicated team players.


Those who are truly passionate about the art of mixology have the capacity to work at exciting events, bumping elbows with high-end clientele while having more control over their work schedule. The best part about being an independent contractor? You get paid more. 

But how do you go about scoring gigs? You create a bad-ass portfolio that perfectly represents you as an engaging craftsman to all clients. Sájari Q won’t just help you create interesting blends, she will also help you actualize your unique style of mixology that aligns with your personality and interests. 

To top it off, you’ll walk away with tangible, marketable materials. Professional photos of yourself and handcrafted cocktails, along with recipes and the histories behind them! 

You’re already killing it at bartending, let’s take it to the next level. 


You’re interested in the world of Cocktail Competitions and want to delve into it, or you’ve skimmed the surface and want to tweak and tighten your game to winning standard- Sajari provides the high-level professional opinion and insight that will put you up there with the best of ‘em! 

When you’re competing for a certain liquor brand, or in a specific area there are so many layers of research needed to impress competition judges. It goes far beyond the taste of the cocktail. What impresses the crowd is incorporation of culture, local ingredients, values and style. 

The cocktail becomes a way of communicating and relating. It tells the story of the liquor or brand. Aside from general education on Cocktail Competitions, you’ll feel confident and connected to your signature cocktail when you bring it to the judges.