The scent is so clean, fresh, even aquatic. On first sniff I got beautiful white florals, geranium in particular I believe. Sweat has some tricks up its sleeve. About 30 minutes in I started to catch notes of eucalyptus that worked beautifully with the white florals, and after about 2 hours I smelled less eucalyptus and something more green and fresh, along with something lightly powdery (Iris, is that you?!). There’s also something aquatic about this scent that conjures images of fresh, sweet water. It’s giving me “botanical gardens by a stream.” This is beautiful, clean, easy to wear. My husband really liked it on me, and I think it would be totally wearable for him as well. This is a fragrance that purports to smell unique on each person who wears it, so I can’t wait for him to give it a try!