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The creative design hub where we specialize in Travel, Events, and Interior solutions for individuals and corporations.


Dear visionary, coach, or entrepreneur,

Have you been searching high and low for custom solutions for your travel, design, and event needs?

Do you feel disjointed each time you need to plan an event or get clear on your visual brand/message?

Is this lack of clarity impacting how you show up as a business owner resulting in you hiding out rather than standing in your power to share your offers and make sales?

If so then you’re in the right place!

We are Travel, Event, and Interior Space experts with creative solutions for your unique business needs.

You’re not the average person with the average dreams, hopes, and goals.

You’re in the perfect place if you look up your zodiac before making decisions, if you thrive in environments where you’re able to tap into all your senses, and if you’ve taken the road less travelled to arrive where you are today.

So tell us, do you desire to tie your spirituality, your interests, and your business goals together to create magical experiences for your soul clients.

Here’s a few ways can help you!

Where your custom dream trip can be booked by design that considers the way YOU want to feel during travel.

Your creativity hub for a tech savvy world.

Enticing Interiors and Impactful Environments


I’ve been using Sajari Q travel for over 10 years now! (before it was actually Sajari Q travel) and I have NEVER been disappointed with the experiences that have been tailor made JUST FOR ME even though I have traveled each time in a group! I took my first trip out of the country and even my first plane ride through Sajari Q travel and she was patient, attentive and devoted to making my travel experience a memorable one. I like to be made aware of the possible ventures that myself and my group could partake in and Sajari Q ALWAYS presented multiple options for separate expeditions and events occurring at the location that are aside from the resort itself. I‘ve attended shows, concerts and more with her expertise and thoughtfulness to give each member of the group not only a top notch group experience but an exquisite individual journey as well! Trusting Sajari Q with my travel visions have never gotten me what I ask for, but she seems to have a niche for going above and beyond ANYTHING more than I could imagine! She can find luxurious, posh, exquisite resorts and lodging with exceptional picturesque designs that give you the option of relaxation and/or All-Night partying all in one place, so no one in my groups have ever been left out. My experiences have exceeding my expectations. I wouldn’t trust any other individual with planning my experiences, because they’ve been more than vacations but memories that will truly last a lifetime!

Alicia P.

Sajari did an amazing job coordinating travel for my group to Punta Cana. She was able to pull off a great deal within 2 months notice for my party of 6 people during peak season. What was also great was that she was able to find a deal for one person in my group we could not fly from the same destination as the rest of the party. On top of that she gave them a gift card! She was able to find great flights and get transportation to and from the airport for my entire party. I will definitely be using Sajari for my next group booking!

Crystal P.


Im always looking to partner and work in productive inspirational team structures. I love community. If someone wants me to play a part in their film let’s do it! If someone wants to have epic art jam session concerts I might have an idea or two. Whatever creativity strikes you that creates a win win dynamic I’m open to exploring! I’d love to hear about your partnership opportunity.

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